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Without questioning their value to comparative physiology, but in order to prevent duplication, most of the studies of zoologia de invertebrados in man and in those common laboratory animals like the rat, cat, dog, and monkey, will be left for the review on kidney function.

Emphasis is to be on the work of the last five years but recognition of earlier work will be made when it is necessary to clarify the present knowledge of the field. There has been little activity in certain areas of zoologia de invertebrados.


In von Buddenbrock's recent Comparative Physiology series 1 the chapter dealing with water and salt economy in protozoa cites three titles for the decade tofour totwenty-six tothirty tofour to and two for the zoologia de invertebrados decade.

Though the development of the topic will follow a phyletic zoologia de invertebrados there will be frequent comparisons with animals of quite other groups wherever it seems profitable. Zoologia de invertebrados the hope that more students of renal physiology may be led to undertake comparative studies the writer has chosen to present some controversial matters in a challenging, if arbitrary, fashion.

Specialists in invertebrate zoology will recognize that the many errors of omission in dealing with morphological matters were forced by the great complexity of the many important groups of animals with which this review was supposed to deal.

Invertebrados II

Because of the great current interest in the problems of active transport, osmotic and ionic regulation were reviewed on a comparative basis by Beadle for the Annual Review of Zoologia de invertebrados. It has still seemed desirable to touch on a few of the many topics covered by Beadle's review.

Though not generally accepted this controversial classification of a third kingdom brings together the protozoa and sponges, the only two animal groups having in common contractile vacuoles and the algae and fungi, the zoospores and gametes of which may have contractile vacuoles [Lloyd 7 ].

Its use may therefore serve to emphasize zoologia de invertebrados here we encounter what may perhaps be a major physiological dichotomy.

Only a few, perhaps no, animal cells can any longer be thought to play no active part in regulating their osmotic relationship to the environment. This is admirably discussed by 1 The survey of literature pertaining to this review was completed in July, P hy sio l. As a corollary let us also accept that the osmoregulatory function is the chief role of the contractile vacuole [ef.

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Zoologia de Invertebrados II

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