Arniches, however, did not allow that to deter his career. Instead, he directed his energies into writing sainetes, one-act plays that depict, in McKay's words, "the. Bajo este nombre late una colección de pequeñas obras maestras del género. Los sainetes son cuadros de ambiente popular madrileño donde la chispa y la. Get this from a library! La pareja científica, y otros sainetes.. [Carlos Arniches y Barrera; José Montero Padilla].


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The following two sainetes arniches were financially bleak, but Arniches later credited this time as a character-building period of his life. He worked on the editorial staffs of three small newspapers and, according to McKay, came to value and believe "in the fortifying virtue of work.

The ninety-six-page work was almost immediately utilized as a primer throughout the Sainetes arniches public school system.

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The production continued for performances; when it completed its run, Arniches's days of sainetes arniches were ended. After that point, his life became "a document of ascendant success, comfort and prosperity," sainetes arniches to McKay.

Casa editorial received so much praise from both critics and the public that Arniches decided to continue his career in the theatrical world.

He followed this success with two more musical revues, which were even more popular than the first.


The fourth play, Las manias, sainetes arniches similar sainetes arniches style to the preceding three works, but it was poorly received and proved to be a terrible failure. Arniches, however, did not allow that to deter his career. Instead, he directed his energies into writing sainetes, one-act plays that depict, in McKay's words, "the popular sainetes arniches of the common people.

McKay commented that the early characters were usually "involved in single, uncomplicated love conflicts" that tended to be resolved by a happy ending.

Carlos Arniches - Wikipedia

He also remarked that "the sainetes arniches line in most of these works is based upon mistaken identities and hilarious misunderstandings. The first difference was that Arniches's later plays were occasionally marked by "spontaneous, sparkling dialogue" that emerges during the action.

The second new element, according to McKay, was "the emphasis on problems of real people … peddlers, washerwomen, barbers, sainetes arniches, maids—in short, the poor and simple citizens of the city. Although Arniches sainetes arniches many of his stage plays in collaboration with other writers, there are a few pieces that serve as strong examples of his individual style.


One of these is the sainete El santo de la Isidra. The play's sainetes arniches occurs during the annual Festival of San Isidro, a feast honoring Isidore, the patron sainetes arniches of Madrid. El santo de la Isidra concerns two young men who vie for the hand of a lovely young maiden, Isidra.

Arniches y Barrera, Carlos [WorldCat Identities]

Her former suitor, a bully and a coward, is challenged and defeated by a shy young man named Venancio. As McKay noted, the plot is not particularly sainetes arniches, but the play's "major importance is found in the magnificent local color attending the fast pace of the action.

Six years later, inAmiches introduced sainetes arniches play Las estrellas, which deals with the themes of illusion and reality.

A barber, Prudencio, falsely believes that his teen-aged daughter and son have talents for acting and bullfighting, respectively. He has heard that his sainetes arniches wife and daughter are earning their fortunes as members of a well-respected dance company in Paris, and he wishes to secure an equally bright future for his own family.

In order to pursue his dreams of fame and fortune for his children, Prudencio sells sainetes arniches barbershop lease for a mere pesetas. His sainetes arniches wife, Feliciana, realizes that, as much as she loves her children, they have no such talent as her husband imagines, and she tries to show him the truth.

However, he will not listen to his wife, and encourages his daughter to make her stage debut, and his son to enter the bullfighting ring.

La pareja científica, y otros sainetes.

The three leave Feliciana behind and go off to seek their fortunes. After their departure Feliciana manages to recover the barbershop lease with the help of her brother, who is a lawyer. As might be expected, both children are shamed and humiliated by their endeavors, and they return sainetes arniches with their father.

At first Feliciana is furious with sainetes arniches for their foolishness, but then she welcomes them tenderly back into their home.

It seems as if this will be sainetes arniches of Amiches's typically happy endings, but then Sainetes arniches friend returns from Paris, having discovered that his wife and daughter have actually been earning their money through prostitution rather than dancing. McKay suggested that this play begins a "gradual transformation from the genial vignettes of Madrid folk life to plays of an expanded intrigue.

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