(Note: The Quantum Prophecy trilogy was first published in the UK as The New Heroes with different subtitles: The Quantum Prophecy, Sakkara. New Heroes / Quantum Prophecy official website! The Quantum Prophecy / The Awakening · Sakkara / The Gathering · Absolute Power / The Reckoning. Quantum Prophecy Series. Michael Carroll Ten years ago, most of the world's superhumans–heroes and villains alike—vanished without a trace. But what.


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The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy Series

For fans of Steelheart and The Avengers, Hunter is an action-packed superhero story that is quantum prophecy to put down. With Hunter, Michael takes his flawed, all-too-human superheroes to the next level.

One of my favorite series. And from that moment on, his life is never the same. Nicknamed Brawn and treated as a villain - a monster - Gethin spends years on the run or as a prisoner in a quantum prophecy military facility. When he finally falls in with a quantum prophecy of superpowered teens he becomes the one thing he never thought he'd be: But as the years pass Gethin learns that being a good guy is a lot more difficult than he thought.

Hunter[ edit ] The defeat of the near-invincible villain Krodin has left a void in the superhuman hierarchy, a void that two opposing factions are trying to fill.

The powerful telepath Max Dalton believes that the human race must be controlled and shepherded to a safe future, while his rival Casey Duval believes that strength can only be achieved through conflict.

The New Heroes - Wikipedia

Caught in the middle is Lance McKendrick, a teenager with no special powers, only his wits and the tricks of a con quantum prophecy. But Lance has a mission of his own: Krodin's ally, the violent and unpredictable supervillain Slaughter, murdered Lance's family, and he intends to make her pay.

Hunter was published in the US on May 1, Crossfire[ edit ] The world is slowly recovering from quantum prophecy chaos of the Trutopian War, but that was only the beginning. A dangerous enemy has emerged, and the New Heroes quickly find themselves outmatched and outnumbered.

The New Heroes - Welcome

When their enemy starts to pick off their colleagues one-by-one, they realize that in order to win, they quantum prophecy fight the battle on the enemy's terms But how far are they willing to go to save the human race?

Crossfire is quantum prophecy eighth book overall and is the first book of a final series taking place after the original trilogy. It was published world-wide in October, The Chasm[ edit ] The Chasm is the ninth and final book in the quantum prophecy series. It takes place after crossfire quantum prophecy sees the return of Krodin.

Quantum Prophecy Series

It was published worldwide in June, His best friend is Danny Cooper. He is the son of Titan and Energy, former superheroes who lost their powers in the quantum prophecy on Mystery Day ten years prior inheriting both of their strength and powers.


Danny Cooper- Another hero in the series. He is the son of Quantum, inheriting his precognition, intangibility, quantum prophecy superhuman speed. It I did later revealed that Danny can control time, speeding or slowing it, stopping or altering it in any way.

He is believed by Quantum and Max Dalton to be a quantum prophecy component in bringing about the apocalypse. At the end of the first book he lost his right quantum prophecy to stop the power-dampener, which was replaced with a cybernetic arm in book three.

The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy Series by Michael Carroll

He and Renata are in love. Renata Soliz aka Diamond - A heroine who can turn herself into an indestructable, crystalline quantum prophecy.

She was trapped in her statue state for ten years quantum prophecy the power-dampener froze her. Biologically, she is fourteen, though chronologically, she is twenty-four.