Libchart is a free chart creation PHP library, that is easy to use. Vertical bar chart sample Horizontal bar chart sample Pie chart sample. Make sure you have write permissions to destination directory. For example, if Apache web server is executing php script, Apache user should. pChart, phpGraphLib, Chart4PHP etc. are PHP libraries to create server-side chart in It has many customization features to create various bar chart, pie chart.


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Single or multiple data sets.

Php - PHPgraphlib none creation of image - Stack Overflow

Compatibility with PHP 5. Easy to study how it works and adapt to your needs.

Sometimes large image sizes lead to slow downloads, which might be annoying to end users. The above limitations of server side charts can be overcome by using client side components JavaScript based.


Client side components also have a greater scope of customization. They are often interactive, support animation and can easily blend into the design of your application.

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Some charting libraries like FusionCharts provide wrappers which allow you to write your code in PHP only. You can then output these strings in the page to generate charts.

You can either use server-side code in our case PHP to get the data, or get one of the open-source wrappers to do it for you. phpgraphlib pie php

The phpgraphlib pie php thing about Google Charts, apart from it being completely free, is the fact that they have lots of code examples to help you get started quickly.

The chart created by client-side scripts not only make the download phpgraphlib pie php but also various customized charts can be created, such as applying animation in the chart, making the chart attractive etc. In this tutorial, you will learn to create chart using server-side library and PHP.

Data charts generators: JSCharts, HighCharts, FusionCharts, Flot, XML/SWF Charts, Open Flash Chart

Different types of charts can be easily created with this library. You will not include any Phpgraphlib pie php output in this script. You may leave the arguments blank to use default dimensions, or you may specify your own phpgraphlib pie php and height. You must specify an array as the argument to the addData function as shown below.