Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Pandemonium is a dystopian young adult novel written by Lauren Oliver and the second novel in her Delirium trilogy. The book was first published on  Series‎: ‎Delirium trilogy. Pandemonium is the second novel in the Delirium Trilogy. After falling in love, Lena Haloway and Alex Sheathes flee their oppressive society where love is.


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A Quick Recap of Pandemonium

While it was a pandemonium novel book with a great story line, for me personally, it didn't live up to the awesomeness that was Delirium. The first book set a really high standard and after that ending I was eagerly anticipating the sequel.

Where Delirium explored the setting and the characters, Pandemonium focuses on Lena and her survival in the Wilds and her involvement with the Pandemonium novel she meets there this is not a spoiler imo, the blurb reveals just as much. I didn't like Raven, who is a pretty important character in this book, and I couldn't relate to her in any way.

She appeared inhuman, being as harsh as she was, and I didn't like that she wasn't pandemonium novel more believable.

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2) by Lauren Oliver

I quite liked the other new characters, who include Tack, Julian pandemonium novel Sarah. The story is pandemonium novel dystopian than its predecessor, focusing more on Lena's survival instead of on the dystopian society that's in place.

Lena really grows up in this book, learning how to survive and how to resist the 'cure' and make a statement against the people who believe in it.

I really liked her development and her way of adapting to her new life. Don't let my slightly critical review put you off reading this book pandemonium novel it's a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

I'm just being a bit critical, since I loved the first pandemonium novel in the series so much and this book isn't as good, in my opinion.


Having said that, Pandemonium is a fast paced, twisty tale of survival, full of pandemonium novel and betrayal, love and desperation, hope and a strong female character who will ensure you will want to read Requiem right after you flip the last page.

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Close X Follow us. With the memory of Alex's sacrifice in mind, she navigates her way out of the place with Julian. Their journey grows worse as they realize their pandemonium novel supply of food has not been planted by Tack and Hunter meaning that both are probably they dead.

However, when they are attacked by scavengers and are almost annihilated, Tack and Hunter show up to save them and the entire camp manages to get to safety. On the day of a big rally and pandemonium novel before the time when Julian is supposed to be cured, pandemonium novel group of scavengers break in and cause chaos while also taking Julian and Lena as hostages.

Pandemonium | Delirium Trilogy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Julian and Lena are at first hostile to each other in their cell, especially since Lena sees him pandemonium novel the part of the people pandemonium novel killed Alex. However, the two begin to warm up to each other and reveal things about their pasts.

This is once more broken though when Lena reveals that she is in fact an Invalid and Julian is disgusted.

Lena manages to knock out one of their captors and with Julian's help, they are both able to escape into the tunnels in reality the old subway system of New Pandemonium novel. Julian eventually reveals pandemonium novel her the full extent of his father's anger and hatred and how Julian himself thought that staying on the proper path would save him.


Lena tries to encourage him that there is a better way but pandemonium novel to have conflicting thoughts about Julian as she grows to love him but doesn't want to betray Alex's memory.

With the help of a community of Invalids living in the tunnels, they manage to get to a homestead called Salvage where Julian and Lena finally allow themselves to pandemonium novel in love and the two share their first kiss.

The parents' guide to what's in this book. Educational Value While Pandemonium doesn't have any historical lessons, its themes provide an opportunity for teens to learn about the dystopian genre, featuring hyper-controlling governments pandemonium novel a futuristic setting.

Pandemonium (novel) - Wikipedia

Teens might be interested in books and films containing similar themes and should check out our the many dystopian titles available. Positive Messages Important lessons about fighting for what you believe in and standing up for your right to your own feelings. Characters risk the comforts of a stable daily life in order to keep their ability to feel love and passion, hate, and any other strong emotion.

Lena's pandemonium novel also demonstrates how dangerous it is to be in an oppressed minority. Luckily, Pandemonium novel is allowed to visit. Lena is able to give her a coded message to give to Pandemonium novel.


Pandemonium novel shows up on a motorcycle races with Lena to the border. They almost make it together, but as Lena climbs over the fence, she turns around to see Alex bleeding from gunshot wounds.