Word Basics. In this section, you'll learn how to: Create a new document · Cut, copy and paste · Format words · Format paragraphs · Use bullets and numbering. If you are looking for a Microsoft Word / tutorial, visit our site. Our Microsoft Word / tutorial provides the help you need to develop your. The goal of this page is to write down a few Microsoft Word tips I don't plan to turn this into a real World tutorial (see the links section for.


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If the word is misspelled in several places in the document, click Microsoft word 2003 tutorial All to correct all misspellings. The name "Mayrala" is not in the dictionary, but it is correct. Click Ignore Once to leave "Mayrala" in the document with its current spelling.

If a word appears in several places in the document, click Ignore All so you are not prompted to correct the spelling for each occurrence.

If you frequently use a word not found in the dictionary, you should add microsoft word 2003 tutorial word to the dictionary by pressing the Add to Dictionary button. Word will then recognize the word the next time it encounters it.

Click Add to Dictionary.

Microsoft Word

The following should appear on your screen: Do you want to continue checking the remainder of the document? If you wanted Word to spell-check the entire document, you would have clicked microsoft word 2003 tutorial Yes.

Find and Replace If you need to find a particular word or piece of text, you can use the Find command. If you want to search the entire document, simply execute the Find command.

If you want to limit your search to a selected area, highlight that area and then execute the Find command. After you have found the word or piece of text you are searching for, you can replace microsoft word 2003 tutorial with new text by executing the Replace command.

Microsoft Word 2003

Exercise microsoft word 2003 tutorial Find - Using the Menu Type the following: Monica is from Easton. She lives on the east side of town. Her daughter attends Eastern High School. Type east in the Find What field. Note that the "East" in Easton is highlighted.

Microsoft Word 2003/2002 Tutorial

Note that "east" is highlighted. Note that the "East" in Eastern is highlighted. The following message should appear: Do you want to search the remainder of the document? Follow steps 5 through 10 in the preceding section.

Microsoft Word - EduTech Wiki

Type "east" in the Find What box. Do not replace the "East" in "Easton.


Just a draft and then you have to make manual adjustments I guess. But I can't get Word to remember various styles of boxes you only can set it as default Therefore I prefer the table solution even microsoft word 2003 tutorial formatting is less powerful.