Load Sharing Facility. LSF – Types of Clusters Description: Table of Contents Overview Additional help Overview An LSF cluster can contain both servers and. Load Sharing Facility and Job Management -- HP XC System Software: XC Version Release Notes, HP Part Number 'A-XCREL-2N', Publication Date. Introduction to Platform LSF. The Platform LSF ("LSF", short for load sharing facility) software is leading enterprise-class software that distributes.


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Start with your LSF master host. Run hostsetup on each LSF server host.

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Load Sharing Facility (LSF) | Welcome to the SERC Webpage.

LSF can automatically select load sharing facility in a heterogeneous load sharing facility based on the current load conditions and the resource requirements of the applications. LSF can run batch jobs automatically when required resources become available, or when systems are lightly loaded.

LSF maintains full control over the jobs, including the ability to suspend and resume the jobs based on load conditions.

LSF supports load sharing facility and parallel applications running as batch jobs. It allows new distributed applications to be developed through C program library and a tool kit of programs for writing shell scripts.

A multiprocessor computer with a single process queue is considered a single machine. A box full of processors that each have their own process queues load sharing facility treated as a group of separate machines.

Platform LSF

LSF allows fair share policies to be defined at the queue level so that different queues may have different sharing policies. Client host A host that only submits jobs and tasks.

Execution host A host that runs jobs and tasks. Submission host A host from which jobs and tasks are submitted.

What is Load Sharing Facility (LSF)

Job A unit of work that is running in the LSF system. A job is a command that is submitted to LSF for execution. LSF schedules, controls, and tracks the job according load sharing facility configured policies.

Jobs can be complex problems, simulation scenarios, extensive calculations, or anything that needs compute power.