NOOK GlowLight 3 - Reading eBooks from Your Public Library. Your NOOK GlowLight 3 can open eBooks borrowed from US public libraries that are protected with Adobe DRM. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer before connecting your NOOK. Connect your NOOK to your computer with the micro USB cable. Nook Color, Tablet, and HD models can now download 3M Cloud Library eBooks directly over wifi using the free 3M Cloud Library App for Nook. If you have a. Yates Community (or other NIOGA Member) Library card OverDrive ebooks are transferred from your computer to the Nook Simple Touch using free.


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If there is a folder called 'Digital Editions', touch that to open it. Scroll down to the title. To return a book early, open ADE on the same computer.

Downloading eBooks on your Nook

If you returned the book early, the book will not appear and you will not have to do this. Library ebooks to nook using your Nook, touch and hold the cover of the book until a list of options pop up. On your computer, go to http: Save the file to your desktop or wherever you prefer.

Follow the instructions to install OMC.

Double-click on this to open OMC. I now have a Kindle as well as my Nook and find them very easy to use.

How to Put Library Books from Overdrive on Your Nook — a Visual Tutorial – Ruth Kitchin Tillman

Click on almost any image to see a full-size version pop up a few were small enough to fit in the post space. Overdrive uses Adobe Digital Editions to handle its digital rights management. You should also create a free account, as prompted, so you can authorize your Nook or other computers to read the books as well.

When you create the Adobe account, you must do so with the same e-mail address and the same password as on your Nook, which is Library ebooks to nook think also always the same library ebooks to nook your Barnes and Noble account.

Mine simply asks for my library barcode.

Downloading eBooks on your Nook Nook Color, or Nook Tablet with wireless For instructions on reading titles in the browser, click here. The instructions below are for the OverDrive app: Follow the instructions to complete the download.

4 Ways to Borrow Books from the Library for a Nook - wikiHow

Open the OverDrive app. Touch the menu button at the bottom the icon is three stacked horizontal lines. Your computer may need to restart. Library ebooks to nook titles will appear with format specific indicators i.

Downloading eBooks on your Nook | Alachua County Library District

You may have ten items downloaded at one time and ten items on hold at one time. Instead, you must use library ebooks to nook devices as an ereader and transfer titles via a computer and the needed software of app for Windows or Mac computers.


When you click on My Books, you will see any books you have checked out using either this app, the web interface, the Discover Terminal, or a 3M Cloud Library mobile app.

To read one of these books, click on its cover.