Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Dando-Collins, Stephen, ; Format: Book; pages: illustrations, maps ; 25 cm. Legiones de Roma: la historia definitiva de todas las legiones imperiales romanas by Stephen Dando-Collins, , available at. Legiones de Roma: La historia definitiva de todas las legiones imepriales romanas. [STEPHEN DANDO-COLLINS] on *FREE* shipping on.


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Of Senatorial rankthe Imperial Legate was appointed by the Emperor and usually held command for 3 or 4 years.

In the present time, legiones de roma Imperial Legate would be called a General.


Legatus legionisLegion Legate: The overall legion commander. Legiones de roma post was usually filled by a senatorappointed by the emperor, who held command for 3 or 4 years, although he could serve for a much longer period. In a Roman province with only one legion, the legatus was also the provincial governor.

The Legion Legate legiones de roma served as commander of the auxiliary units attached to the legion though they were not formally a part of the legion's command structure.


Tribunus laticlaviusBroad Band Tribune: Named for the broad striped tunic worn by men of senatorial rank, this tribune was appointed by the emperor or the Senate.

Though generally young, he was more experienced than the tribuni angusticlavii, he served as second in command of the legion, legiones de roma the legate.

Because of his age legiones de roma inexperience he was not the actual second in command in battle, but if the legate died he would take command of the legion.

Praefectus castrorumCamp Prefect: The Camp Prefect was third in command of the legion. Generally he was a long serving veteran from legiones de roma lower social status legiones de roma the tribunii whom he outranked, and who previously had served as primus pilus and finished his 25 years with the legions.

Roma illustrata, sive antiquitatum Romanarum breviarium. Accessit G - Google Книги

He was used as a senior officer in charge of legiones de roma a legion, though he could also command a cohort of auxiliaires. Tribuni angusticlaviiNarrow Band Tribunes: Each legion had five lower ranking tribunes, who were normally from the equestrian class and had at least some years of prior legiones de roma experience.

They often served the role of administrative officers.

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  • Legiones de Roma : la historia definitiva de todas las legiones imperiales romanas
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Legiones de roma most senior centurion in a legion was known as the primus pilus first file or spear legiones de roma, who directly commanded the first century of the first cohort and commanded the whole first cohort when in battle.

Within the second to tenth cohorts, the commander of each cohort's first century was known as a pilus prior and was in command of his entire cohort when in battle.

The seniority of the pilus prior centurions was followed by the five other century commanders of the first cohort, who were known as primi ordines. A historical reenactor in Roman centurion legiones de roma The six centuries of a normal cohort, were, in order of precedence: The forward hastati legiones de roma spears The rear hastati rear spears The forward principes forward principal line The rear principes rear principal line The forward triarii forward third line The rear triarii rear third line The centuries took their titles from the old use of the legion drawn up in three lines of battle using three classes of soldier.

Roman legion

Each century would then hold a cross-section of this theoretical line, although these century titles were now essentially nominal. Each of the three lines is then sub-divided within the century into a more forward and a more rear century. Primus pilusliterally Legiones de roma File: The Primus Pilus was the commanding centurion of the first century, first cohort and the senior-most centurion of the entire legion.

Unlike other cohorts, the first cohort had only one javelin century, instead of a "front spear" and legiones de roma "back spear" century.