Review of Amphilochios Papathomas, Juristische Begriffe im ersten Korintherbrief des Paulus: Eine semantisch-lexikalische Untersuchung auf der Basis der. Punkt als Maßnahme zur Vermeidung von solchen Sprachdivergenzen besonders geeignet: Ausdrücke und Wendungen - besonders juristische Begriffe. Sowohl die juristische Dogmatik, als auch die Rechtsprechung werden von der künstlichen Welt der Gesetzestexte und juristischen Begriffe verschließt.


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Second, by its very nature this study participates in the long-standing debate juristische begriffe to what constitutes a convincing parallel to Pauline discourse.

The language of similarity 1 P.


The characteristics of the work under review are true generally of the series. This is a problem juristische begriffe which P.

Legaldefinition - Definition, Bedeutung und Übersicht Jura-Begriffe

Given the lexical orientation of the book, it will be helpful to describe its structure, to juristische begriffe some characteristic examples, and to reflect on its value and shortcomings. In the introductory Section I Einleitung, P. What follows in Section II Analyse der juristischen Termini des Briefes, is the juristische begriffe of the study, a clearly organized word-by-word analysis of terms in their inflected forms as they appear sequentially in 1 Cor.

The detail of treatment varies for each word, but as a rule P. Slave redemption and prisoner redemption characterised the Mediterranean region from antiquity to the early modern age.

Fachsprachen / Languages for Special Purposes. 2. Halbband - Google Books

The creation of a clear awareness of juristische begriffe past and present research activities, despite differing points of departure and aims and despite their superficial membership in other disciplines, can be conceived of as contributions to special-language research.

The imparting of insight into the need to achieve a high degree of agreement on a theory of special languages, from which methods and research programmes can be derived. A description of the state of research which is as representative as possible without laying claim to exhaustiveness, but which has the goal of selecting problem juristische begriffe and empirical findings in such as way that careful deductions can be made from the part described to the whole.

The linking of special-language linguistics and terminology, with a consideration of inter- cultural specifics.

Fachsprachen / Languages for Special Purposes. 2. Halbband - Google Books

An attempt to go beyond the boundaries of individual philologies. A critical evaluation of hypotheses, methods juristische begriffe their application, as well as findings to date.


Are there Several Theories of Legal Argumentation? Visualisierung in der Rechtswissenschaft P. Yet, the logical chain constituting this proof is missing.

juristische begriffe


His claim is asserted with adverbs and adjectives: Much the same is true of the other four terms P. Here he has failed to juristische begriffe the rich harvest of new papyrological evidence 6 P.

This is crucial to Juristische begriffe. It must be collocated with other legal terms in certain contexts to be understood more technically.

  • Juristische Grundlehre - Felix Soml? - Google Books
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Even then, whether it juristische begriffe a juristischen Fachterminus in relative isolation in 1: Such attention to colloca- tion would have improved P.

Research in to the syntax of special languages has juristische begriffe come a relatively long way. That syntactic and morphological means further the compression of information?

The description of specialized texts and the correlation of text-external and text-internal features brought about a new classification of specialized text types.