Jazz Reharmonization is a large and complex topic. This series of lessons explores reharmonization in detail and teaches you how to apply it to any song. A good way to begin working on basic reharmonization is to practice harmonizing a tune and coming up with a different chord for every note of. Jazz Reharmonization - BEST EXPLANATION . If I could play piano like this, I'd have a glass of wine.


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Harmonize A Melody & 5 Basic Reharmonization Techniques

We'll touch on some more ways in another lesson. Let's continue messing around with the last part of the A section in Green Dolphin Street. In this next example, I take out the 6 chord, but leave the 3 chord.

Keep in mind here that I am relating these chords to the key of Fm which is how the B section starts. Try the jazz piano reharmonization reharmonization and substitute a G for jazz piano reharmonization bass note in the Db7 chord.

Reharmonization 101

Sounds pretty cool, eh? That's what tri-tone substitution can do for you- you often don't even have to jazz piano reharmonization the right hand at all, just the bass note. The reason for this is that when you sub using the tri-tone method, the 3rd and the 7th are interchangeable.

That is, the third becomes the 7th and the 7th becomes the third. Jazz piano reharmonization 3 chord of Fm is Ab, and that has been left in as an Ab7. The 2 chord is a Gm, but we substituted the tri-tone for that and put in a Db7 instead. The 5 chord in Fm is the C7, but we also did a tri-tone substitution on that chord and jazz piano reharmonization a Gb7.


jazz piano reharmonization This is all in preparation for the Fm at the beggining of the B section. Remember that accidentals sharps and flats are carried throughout the jazz piano reharmonization measure.

Practice applying these 5 Basic Reharmonization Techniques over standards to get familiar with the way they move and the way they sound. For more information visit: In jazz piano reharmonization this means that chords and bass-lines should move: The Overarching Goal of Reharmonization is: Some notes sound strong when played over a chord Guide Tonessome notes sound pleasant and complement the sound of a chord Available Tensionswhile some notes sound weak and dissonant Avoid Notes.