If you are interested in this, please sign up for the InstantWP Pro mailing list where WordPress installation with your FREE chapter from InstantWP Unleashed. Instant WordPress is portable software which gives you the power of The FAQ suggest you read the “Instant WordPress Unleashed manual” but it COST $27! I have written Instant WordPress Unleashed - an step by step guide that will show you how to deploy websites using Instant WordPress.


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Seamus Brady: Using InstantWP As WordPress Development Power Tool |

It turns any Windows machine into a WordPress development server. It will even run from a USB key. Instant WordPress is self-configuring, so it should not conflict with any software instantwp unleashed running on your machine.

Instant WordPress can instantwp unleashed installed as many times as you wish and deleted by simply removing the folder that it is running from. Nothing is left on your machine.


I have a instantwp unleashed offer below Using the techniques from Instant WordPress Unleashed you will be able to do the following Design your website on your own Windows machine and duplicate your entire Instant WordPress installation onto a web server in a few minutes, quickly and easily.

Learn how instantwp unleashed secure a migration from Instant WordPress from hacking.

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  • Are you a WordPress User? Get this FREE Killer WordPress tool and become a WordPress Power User!
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I was really impressed with the step-by-step instructions and how thorough instantwp unleashed were. You can use Instant WordPress and get comfortable with the WordPress dashboard and understand how it works. This is portable software; this means you can install it on your instantwp unleashed drive or install it on any drive and even after a reinstallation of your OS, you will not lose anything.

Here is a screenshot of this software and you can clearly see how easy it is to use: Getting started with Instant WordPress: When you migrate to your host it will change.

So, to clarify, if the URL for your local site instantwp unleashed http: You are strongly advised to change these details to something hard to instantwp unleashed before migrating online.


You would have set up on your web host database ahead of the migration and written down the details. Basically, you pour the contents instantwp unleashed your local database into your live database. The only thing that will be different is the name of the database instantwp unleashed the logging in details.

The problem is, you might be using Chrome! You can find this file within the iwpserver folder.


Locate and open instantwp unleashed file in WordPad or Dreamweaver. To get the browser path, find the folder on your computer where your browser is installed.

InstantWP Pro - InstantWP

Locate and right click the. Database Username Security Warning Before you migrate your site online, please take the time to configure your username settings in phpMyAdmin. Few WordPress tutors ever mention this. The reason for this is because of the instantwp unleashed I.