Definition, Usage and a list of Hyperbole Examples in common speech and literature. Hyperbole, derived from a Greek word meaning “over-casting” is a figure of  Missing: de ‎| ‎Must include: ‎de. End of the free exercise to learn French: Figures de style. A free French exercise to learn French. Other French exercises on the same topic: Literature | All our. Jump to Bibliographie des figures de style - Patrick Bacry, Les Figures de style et autres procédés stylistiques, Paris, Belin, coll. «Collection Sujets».


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The mule is able to lift tons of weight uphill. His classmates laughed at him, saying he had a pea-sized brain.


John was called the elephant of the class for his clumsiness. Hyperbole Examples in Literature Example 1: In one instance, he exaggerates winter by saying: Late at night, it got so frigid that all spoken words froze solid afore they could be heard.

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People had to wait until sunup to find out what folks were talking about the hyperbole figure de style before. This my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red.

He regrets his sin, and believes that even the oceans of the greatest magnitude cannot wash the blood of the king off his hands. We can see the effective use of hyperboles in the given lines. The Adventures of Pinocchio By C.

Can you give us a room with a view? This is a poem by Hyperbole figure de style Blake in which he uses exaggerated personification of sunflowers, which is akin to hyperbole. The poet says that he would love his beloved until the seas are dried up, and the rocks are melted.

Function of Hyperbole The above arguments make clear the use of hyperbole. In our daily conversation, we use hyperbole to create an amusing effect, or to emphasize our meaning.

Figures de style

However, in literature it has very serious implications. By using hyperbole, a writer or a poet makes common human feelings remarkable and intense to such an hyperbole figure de style that they do not remain ordinary.

In literature, usage of hyperbole develops contrasts. When one thing is described with an over-statement, and the other thing is presented normally, a striking contrast is developed.

HYPERBOLE …. | figure de style | Andre Furlan | Flickr

It does make a comparisonlike simile and metaphor. Rather, hyperbole has a humorous effect created by an overstatement. Let us see some examples from Classical English literature in which hyperbole was used successfully.

He saw a man as tall a power poll. He saw his childhood hyperbole figure de style after ages. The weather was so hot that literally everything was on fire. The boy was dying to get a new school bag.


The teacher told his students not to repeat that mistake for the umpteenth time, but to no avail. He was in such a hurry that he drove his car hyperbole figure de style a bazillion miles per hour.

Their headmaster was omnipresent, as he seemed to be all around the school all the time. The businessman was so busy that he was attending to a million calls simultaneously.