The Three Ecologies is one of the final works published by Felix Guattari , a French philosopher, political militant and institutional. The Three Ecologies, Félix Guattari –––––– Félix Guattari The Three Ecologies Year: Download: PDF – “There is an ecology of bad ideas, just. Extending the definition of ecology to encompass social relations and human subjectivity as well as environmental concerns, The Three Ecologies argues that.


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Resingularisation means that individuals, organisations and professions become more united and increasingly different — difference multiplies — and creatively autonomous.


All expressions of values by Green Parties list ecological wisdom as a key value—it was one of the original Four Pillars of the Green Party and is often considered the most basic value of these parties. It is also often associated with indigenous religion and cultural practices.

In contrast, the subjugated classes, on the whole, are abandoned to the status quo - life guattari three ecologies them is hopeless and meaningless. An essential programmatic point guattari three ecologies social ecology will be to encourage capitalist societies to make the transition from the mass-media era to a post-media age, in which the media will be reappropriated by a multitude of subject-groups capable of directing its resingularisation.

THEORY | Notes from The Three Ecologies – Felix Guattari | placeblog

Despite the seeming impossibility of such an eventuality, the currently unparalleled level of media-related alienation is in no way an inherent necessity. It seems to me that media fatalism equates to a misunderstanding of a number of factors: In early industrial guattari three ecologies, it was the subjectivity of the working classes that was eroded [laminer] and serialised.


Today, the international division of labour has been exported to the Third World where production-line methods now prevail. In this era of the information revolution, biotechnological expansion, the accelerated invention of new guattari three ecologies and ever more precise 'machinisation' of time, new modalities of subjectification are continually guattari three ecologies.

On the one hand, a greater demand will be placed on intelligence and initiative, whereas on the other hand, more care will be taken over the coding and control of the domestic life of married couples and nuclear families. In short, by reterritorialising the family on a large scale through the media, the welfare system, etc.

The effects of these processes of reindividualisation and 'familialisation' won't all be the same.

The Three Ecologies

They will differ according to whether they affect a collective subjectivity devastated by the industrial era of the nineteenth and early twentieth guattari three ecologies or areas where certain archaic features of the pre-capitalist era have been inherited and maintained.

In this context, the examples of Japan and Italy seem significant because both countries have succeeded in grafting high-tech industries onto a collective subjectivity, while retaining ties with a sometimes very distant past Shinto-Buddhism in the case of Japan, patriarchalism in the case of Italy.

In both of these countries, post-industrialisation has been achieved with comparatively little violence, whereas in France for example, for a long time whole regions withdrew from the active economic life of the country. In a number of Third World countries we are also witnessing the superimposition of a post-industrial subjectivity onto a medieval subjectivity, as evidenced by submission to the clan, the total alienation of women and guattari three ecologies, etc.

The Three Ecologies by Félix Guattari

Although currently confined primarily to the Pacific Rim, these New Industrial Powers may well begin to flourish along the shores of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of Africa. Guattari three ecologies they do, we may well see entire regions of Europe subject to severe tensions; they will radically challenge not only Europe's financial base but the membership status of its countries in the Great White Power club.

As the above indicates, ecological problematics can become somewhat confused. Left to itself, the propagation of social and mental neo-archaisms could be for the best, or for the worst - a formidably difficult question to resolve - especially when we recall that the fascism of the Ayatollahs was installed firmly on the basis of a profoundly popular revolution guattari three ecologies Iran.

The recent uprisings of young people in Algeria have fostered a double symbiosis between Western ways of living and various forms of fundamentalism.

Spontaneous social ecology works towards the constitution of existential Territories that replace, more or less, the former religious and ritualised griddings of the socius.

It seems evident that, unless a politically coherent stance is taken by collective praxes, social ecology will ultimately always be dominated by reactionary nationalist enterprises hostile to any innovation, oppressing women, children guattari three ecologies the marginalised.

I am not proposing a ready-made model of society here, but simply the acceptance of a complete range of ecosophical components so as to institute, in particular, new guattari three ecologies of valorisation.

I have already stressed that it is less and less legitimate that only a profit-based market should regulate financial and prestige-based rewards for human social activities, for there is a range of other value systems that ought to be considered, including social and aesthetic 'profitability' and the values of desire.

Until now, these non-capitalist domains of value have only been regulated by the State; hence, for example, the esteem in which national heritage is held. We must stress that new social associations - such guattari three ecologies institutions recognised for their social utility - should broaden the financing of a more flexible non-private, non-public Third Sector, which will be forced to expand continuously for as long as human labour gives way to machinisation.

Beyond recognising a universal basic income - as a right rather than as some kind of 'New Deal' - the question becomes one of how to encourage the organisation of individual and collective ventures, and how to direct them towards an ecology guattari three ecologies resingularisation.