Which is precisely what's happened in Dave Eggers' new novel, which imagines a future where the Circle, an all-powerful internet behemoth. The Circle is Dave Eggers's tenth work of fiction, and a fascinating item it is. Eggers's first major book was the much-acclaimed semifictional. I cite this because it chimes with the points that Dave Eggers is making in his latest novel, The Circle; we are at an interesting moment when two.


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The Circle is a deft modern synthesis of Swiftian wit with Orwellian prognostication. That is not to say the writing is without formal weaknesses — Eggers misses notes like an enthusiastic jazz pianist, whereas Franzen is all conservatoire meticulousness — but rather to suggest that The Circle eggers circle a work so germane to our times that it may well come to be considered as the most on-the-money satirical commentary on the early eggers circle age.

Run by the "Three Wise Eggers circle, the Circle recruits "hundreds of gifted young minds" every week and has been voted "most admired company four eggers circle running".

Among their inventions is "TruYou", a single integrated user interface that executes and streamlines every internet interaction and purchase: Mae is absurdly grateful for the opportunity to work in this brave new world.

The novel tracks her own eggers circle into the ethos and activities of the Circle, gradually illuminating a deeply disconcerting vision of eggers circle real life might soon be chased into hiding by the tyranny of total techno-intrusion.

There is much to admire.

The Circle (Eggers novel) - Wikipedia

The pages are full of eggers circle, plausible, unnerving ideas that I suspect are being developed right now. The book is also very funny.

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Disturbing facts about Annie's family history come to light and eggers circle becomes increasingly stressed, eventually causing her to fall into a catatonic state. Embarrassed both by her parents' distrust of SeeChange monitoring in their home and the conduct of her ex, Mercer - all of which have been publicly accessible to Mae's millions of followers - Mae becomes upset that they have embarrassed her in this way and, while demonstrating a program designed to catch eggers circle within minutes, uses it to find Mercer.


He attempts to escape using his truck, but after drones prevent him from getting away, Mercer seems to make a decision and ends up driving off a bridge in front of the billion people Mae is streaming to.

While initially depressed, Mae soon rationalizes Mercer's death with the help of charismatic 'Wise Man' Eamon Bailey, concluding that he eggers circle an extremely depressed, asocial human being who refused society's help, comparing his actions to a person committing suicide by jumping out of the window when being visited by a doctor.

Kalden is, in fact, the elusive "Wise Man" Ty Gospodinov, the original inventor and founder who came up with the idea for the company. Mae agrees to meet him in secret and he tells her that a totalitarian regime will soon arise if nothing is done to stop it, equating it to a surveillance society.

He explains the need for privacy in the digital age and asks her to help him take down The Circle, saying he cannot do it alone.

Mae thinks that he is crazy, but pretends to go along with him, but then betrays him eggers circle telling the other founders of The Circle what has happened, who ensure that Ty is silenced.

The Circle by Dave Eggers

The book ends with Mae looking at Annie in a eggers circle at the hospital, wondering when the time will come that The Circle will develop enough technology to read people's thoughts, saying that "the world deserves nothing less and would not wait".

The symbolism eggers circle abundantly clear, because it is Eggers' only way of bringing his message to the ear: How do we mean to handle the right to sovereignty of interpretation over one's own life in the future? The Circle film A film based on the novel, eggers circle and directed by James Ponsoldtwas released in April The Rotten Tomatoes site also offers the following quote as a critic consensus: The character of Francis, Mae's love interest, was removed, as was the episode of Annie falling into a coma.