In the Middle East, democracy cannot be imposed by the capitalist system and its imperial powers. Democratic Confederalism. Abdullah Öcalan. International. However, the basic power of decision rests with the local grass-roots institutions. Democratic Confederalism. Abdullah Ocalan. International Initiative Edition. CONTEXT. In Abdullah Ocalan's political thought democratic confederalism is the organizational- administrative blueprint of 'democratic nation', which is the.


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For example, environmental activists have formed an ecology assembly in the city of Batman, which they told us was represented in the DTK.

Democratic confederalism in Kurdistan – Corporate Watch

Women also have a parallel umbrella organisation, the Free Women Union. Increasingly, people are turning toward the Democratic Regions Party DBP and the assemblies to solve democratic confederalism, rather than going to the police and courts.

In the Wan region we personally observed local people asking the DBP to arbitrate in disputes. In many areas people have erected barricades against the police and read out declarations of autonomy. In these cities, the Turkish police and military have launched an all out war, using tanks, mortars and helicopter gunships to attack residential streets.

Armed self-defence units, including female only unitshave been set up democratic confederalism the local level in many places in response. The DTK has announced that the whole of Turkeynot just the Kurdish region, could be run through self-governing democratic confederalism regions.

Abdullah Öcalan - Wikipedia

The declarations of Democratic Autonomy are thus steps toward democratising Turkey. We consider them legal and necessary and proper for all the peoples of Turkey. Undoubtedly local democracies would take different forms according to the conditions and needs of their area, region, and community.

Under the local autonomy of diverse identities, each area can adapt democratic confederalism into its own circumstances.

No government that centrally administers every street, neighbourhood, city and town can be legitimate; democracy requires the autonomy of local units. Frompeople began to try to put the ideas of democratic confederalism into practice.

In we mobilized under the name of PYD. Democratic confederalism to we operated like a party. We needed a different kind of roof for this.

democratic confederalism So we were on a quest, a search. Inas the Assad democratic confederalism weakened, this movement was able to take control of most of Rojava from the regime, and take over government buildings, schools and hospitals.

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democratic confederalism Rojava was organised into three autonomous cantons: The council system is shown on the left, you may want to zoom in, in order to read the diagram more easily. In general, communes are made up of households in democratic confederalism city, or a whole village in the countryside.

Rojava’s democratic confederalism: the experiment of an American

The entire population of the commune meets every two weeks, and it elects a board. The board meets every week, and all members of the commune are able to attend democratic confederalism meetings if they wish.


All posts must be filled by a male and female co-chair. All representatives are recallable by democratic confederalism membership of the commune.

Democratic confederalism in Kurdistan

We were told democratic confederalism the commune has commissions dealing with services, economy, Kurdish language teaching, organising lectures, self-defence, reconciliation and justice. For example, we were told that the commission had recently been asked to mediate when someone was injured in a road traffic accident and when there had been a dispute about land ownership.

We democratic confederalism told that often the commission is able to resolve these disputes.


The commune also organises public meetings. It was attended democratic confederalism over fifty local women and men and was on the themes of anti-capitalism and feminism.

The talk was given in Kurmanji the Kurdish language spoken in Rojava and translated into Arabic. The district level is made up of representatives of the board from the second level, plus places are reserved for five representatives from the political parties democratic confederalism civil society organisations within TEV-DEM.

Our organisation democratic confederalism not just for Kurdish youths. We also have Arabic, Armenian and Turkmen members.