Cyanogenic glycosides are present in a number of food plants and seeds. Hydrogen cyanide is released from the cyanogenic glycosides when fresh plant material is macerated as in chewing, which allows enzymes and cyanogenic glycosides to come together, releasing hydrogen cyanide. ChEBI Name, cyanogenic glycoside. ChEBI ID, CHEBI Definition, A glycoside in which the aglycone contains a cyanide group. Plant cyanogenic glycosides. Vetter J(1). Author information: (1)Department of Botany, University of Veterinary Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. The cyanogenic.


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The effects of chronic long-term exposure to cyanide are less well known. The last ones are hydroxylated to alpha-hydroxynitriles and then they are glycosilated to CGs. The generation of HCN cyanogenic glycosides CGs is a two step process involving a deglycosilation and a cleavage of the molecule regulated by beta-glucosidase cyanogenic glycosides alpha-hydroxynitrilase.

Plant cyanogenic glycosides.

The tissue level compartmentalisation of CGs and their hydrolysing enzymes prevents large-scale hydrolysis in intact plant tissue. No significant effect on the body weight cyanogenic glycosides liver weight was observed.


However, treatment with laetrile alone for cyanogenic glycosides, 16 or 24 days, respectively, resulted in a significant increase in urinary levels of thiocyanate.

The increase was less in animals treated with vitamin C. All animals in the KCN group which were supplemented with ascorbate showed cyanogenic glycosides tremors, motor ataxia, bizarre neuromuscular manifestations and rhythmic head movements.


The toxicity of KCN increased with elevation of vitamin C, whereas urinary excretion of thiocyanate decreased Basu, The animals were studied for haematological and histopathological effects. In the 1st experiment 26 chickens per group were used and in the 2nd experiment chickens were used for the cassava groups and cyanogenic glycosides for the control group.

cyanogenic glycosides

Cyanogenic glycosides

No changes in cyanogenic glycosides haematological parameters due to cassava were seen. Histopathological examination of thyroid, liver and kidney revealed no appreciable alterations due to the cassava feeding, however there was no conclusive evidence of cyanide or thiocyanate effects on thyroid cyanogenic glycosides.

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  • Cyanogenic glycosides

Aflatoxin contamination appeared to have contributed to the high mortality rate associated with CFM diets. Cyanogenic glycosides results showed that broilers were tolerant of relatively cyanogenic glycosides levels of dietary cyanogenic glycosides Gomez et al.

After 2 weeks rats in each group were mated with 5 adult males fed normal diet.

Pregnant rats from each group were maintained on their respective diets. After littering, the newborn rats were studied for postnatal cyanogenic glycosides. After 21 days F1 rats were put for another cyanogenic glycosides weeks on their respective diets.

The adult female rats fed a diet consisting entirely of raw cassava had significantly reduced haematological and biochemical parameters Hb, PCV, serum protein and T4 concentration. This diet cyanogenic glycosides caused an increased incidence of cannibalism and a significant reduction in the frequency of pregnancy, the average number of pups per litter and birth weights cyanogenic glycosides these pups.

In addition there was an increased incidence cyanogenic glycosides neonatal deaths among the offspring which also had poor development, reduced brain weights and an increased tendency of aggression towards their litter mates.

They developed enlarged thyroid glands and tumours of the large intestine. In a day feeding experiment 18 pregnant Yorkshire gilts were allocated to three equal groups and fed fresh cassava containing A small increase in maternal thyroid weight with increasing levels of cyanide was observed.

Cyanide fed during gestation did not affect performance during lactation.

Cyanogenic glycosides | definition of cyanogenic glycosides by Medical dictionary

The hamsters were killed on the morning of day 15 of pregnancy. Fetuses were removed by caesarian section and the numbers of resorption sites, dead fetuses, and living cyanogenic glycosides were recorded. Living fetuses were examined cyanogenic glycosides gross external malformations and by means of histopathological methods for internal malformations.

These larger doses of linamarin also resulted in obvious maternal toxicity dyspnoea, hyperpnoea, ataxia, tremors and hypothermia.

Plant cyanogenic glycosides.

cyanogenic glycosides In surviving animals the signs of poisoning were greatly reduced or cyanogenic glycosides within 3 h after treatment. Linamarin treatment had no effect on fetal body weight, ossification of skeletons, embryonic mortality, nor litter size.


cyanogenic glycosides Although ingestion of the cyanogenic glycoside was associated with a significant teratogenic response, the effects occurred only at doses that elicited signs of maternal intoxication Frakes et al.

One low cyanide cyanogenic glycosides cassava meal and one high cyanide bitter cassava meal were studied.