Crave: A Novel of the Fallen Angels is the second instalment in J.R. Ward's Fallen Angels paranormal romance series. Crave by J. R. Ward on BookBub. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series comes the second Novel of the Fallen. Oku «Crave A Novel of the Fallen Angels» J.R. Ward Rakuten Kobo ile. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.


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Then he was going to get that soldier out of crave jr ward country and safe…before returning to his day job of going head-to-head with Devina. So while this undercover soldier gets arrested for cage fighting why he was using his real name is beyond crave jr wardhe is now officially back on the XOps radar.

No no…nothing dirty like that. He wanted to scream. And to be honest, I think they did it better.

Oh, and the smiting? Could we have some smiting now, please? A noteworthy exception is Devina, the evil demon.


crave jr ward For some perverse reason I found her character intriguing, probably the mixture of overwhelming evil and odd vulnerability from her OCD compulsions. Overall Crave is a pretty average paranormal romance, not brilliant but not too bad either.

Ward has set the highest standard with the BDB series and for that reason I had greater expectations of Crave. I just know that she can write a better paranormal romance than this. I looked at the other books in the series crave jr ward seen Jim gets a book, I bet he crave jr ward with Sissy.

I am trying not to read spoilers in this series, which is so hard because I am a spoiler whore, but I want to go into each read with no expectations.

Crave by J.R. Ward : Book Review

Still I can't wait to see if Sissy and Jim get together. There were some twist and turns in this plot that I enjoyed. I was totally shocked that the bad guys Devina won this round. On top of the good guys losing this round, Crave jr ward took Jim to hell, and her and her demons raped and tortured him for hours.

I'm sure some will be really bothered by this, but to be honest it felt forced and for shock value to make Devina seem eviler. I could have crave jr ward without it.

Isaac Rothe is a black ops solider with a dark past and a grim future. The target of an assassin, he finds crave jr ward behind bars, his fate in the hands of his gorgeous public defender, Grier Childe.