Alan Oken's Complete Astrology and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Alan Oken's Complete Astrology: The Classic Guide to Modern Astrology Paperback – October 1, More than fifteen years ago, Alan Oken pioneered the development of New Age astrology. A delightful, basic book on astrology, full of fun & facts! This book is a complete overview of astrology, with plenty of humor, basic explanations, and over Ships from and sold by The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy: The Magic and Mystery of the Ancient. Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur has studied and practiced astrology for 20 years and is certified as an astrologer by the Washington State Astrological Association.


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It is the friends you make, the hopes and goals you have for the future, and the realizations that you make.

This is the house of the subconscious. It is the hidden self, set apart from the physical reality. It is sometimes considered the collective subconscious of humanity. Aspects tell the story of how your signs and energies will play out.

The Beginners Guide to Astrology: Signs, Planets, Houses and More!

They are a connection or relationship between two or more planets. The Major Aspects are the most influential for your sign. Complete guide to astrology is a very dynamic aspect and has the potential for expression and direct action.

The planets work together in this aspect, and can be good or bad depending on the planets that are involved. Venus and the moon work well together, but Mars and Neptune do not.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology

This aspect is the easy flow of opportunities or ideas. It is the realization of goals and talent. This is a harmonious aspect, where the planets work well together.

This aspect offers restrictions and challenges at every corner. It is negative and inharmonious. What our readers say The explanations are orderly and easy to follow.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology, 4th Edition

The beginning student will get a thorough understanding of the basics. The technical terms of astrology are barely covered. The more confusing astrology techniques are barely touched upon.

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Astrology
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology
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Though we cannot prove that the sun's rotation affects our genetic make-up or wiring, the fact that astrology has remained a constant theme in many cultures can't be disputed.

The fact that our ancestors looked to the stars and planets in an attempt to determine their destinies must still mean something to people today because astrology and horoscopes are more popular than ever. There are those who are extremely engrossed in the study of complete guide to astrology signs, and others who know very little about it, complete guide to astrology think it's complete rubbish.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology by Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur

All of the twelve astrological signs are divided up into four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These four elements are all vital to life as we know it. Each person has an astrological sign unique to their date of birth complete guide to astrology or the time in which the sun makes the majority of its transit around this sign.

Unfortunately there are more readable, informative complete guide to astrology out there.

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology

It also irks me that the author tries to mix scientific facts and pseudoscience together. While I am interested in witchcraft and divination, I am under no illusion that it is not supported by science and this should be acknowledged.


An example is the author saying that the moon has an effect on the sea which is true.