Many photographers will tell you that you need a macro lens to shoot macro images, but this simply isn't the case. Macro lenses are often. This opens up a whole new world of options for you as a photographer. Close-up photography, or macro photography, can be a very rewarding form of. Macro photography has the potential to bring us into a whole new, tiny world. Achievable using a variety of methods, macro and close-up is a.


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While cheaper than buying a macro lens, they can be considerably more expensive than single element close-up lenses.

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  • Getting Up Close with Close-Up Lenses
  • Getting Started Guide to Close-up Photography
  • Getting Up Close with Close-Up Lenses
  • 1. Get as close as you can

Canon is the only major camera manufacturer producing double element close-up lenses. You will have to order them. Just like filters, they can be used with any brand of camera, the important thing close up macro photography to make sure you buy the right size to match the filter thread on your lens.

Nikon used to make close-up lenses, but they have been discontinued.

Getting Started Guide to Macro or Close-Up Photography

You may still be able to buy them second-hand. Raynox makes triple-element close-up lenses that come with a snap-on mount that you can use to attach them to lenses with filter threads from 52 close up macro photography 67mm.

Using close-up lenses Using a close-up lens is easy. Just screw it into the front of your lens and your camera will take care of exposure and auto-focus at higher magnifications it may be easier to switch the lens to manual focus.

It also gives you flexibility when shooting, because every time you move your camera, the flash will move with it. Include these colours around your lens while shooting, to keep them interested, and looking in the right close up macro photography. Pick a card A close up macro photography background can be distracting, especially if your macro subject is already quite complex.

You can pick up coloured card from craft shops to position behind your subject. Go wide Wide-angle lenses tend to work best for this reversed lens technique.

Macro Photography on a Budget: An introduction to Close-up Filters

They boast a wide field of view, reducing the risk of vignetting, but more importantly they give greater magnification than a reversed telephoto lens could. Want to get closer? Use a wider lens. Shoot an extreme close-up 1.

Pick a flower Finding the right subject is quite close up macro photography. Another fun feature of filters is that most of them can be stacked on top of each other, to get even greater magnification.

To make the jewelry images below I used three filters on my 50mm lens: It might look fancy, but the gear required to take this photo was pretty basic and inexpensive. Unlike other faux-macro solutions, like reversing rings or some of the cheaper extension tubes, close-up filters still allow you to use autofocus.

Even so, you might get best results if close up macro photography focus manually or use focus bracketing to make sure you get just the right shot. Finally, one of my favorite aspects of close-up filters is how small and portable they are.

No, not by a long shot.

Digital Camera World

Close up macro photography insect is about the size of a quarter, but it appears exquisitely detailed and larger than life when photographed with a close-up filter. The great thing about it is that you can do this from your basement at home, if necessary. Of course you can, and should, go outdoors too and setup shots in a forest or at the sea, but you can also setup shots of everyday subjects and shoot them up close.

Think of an old watch, close up macro photography flower or even some food items that could be shot on your kitchen table.

Macro Photography on a Budget: An introduction to Close-up Filters

Sometimes beginners are put off by this aspect and assume they need specialist skills to make close-up images. This is not necessarily true. Like any other aspect of photography, you need to understand how your camera works, and work within the limits of the close up macro photography you have.


Do you NEED to have a macro lens?