Airopack has been added to the list of products that received the label 'Climatop.' The aim of Climatop is to label the most climate friendly. CLIMATOP LUX. Argon. triple. R CLIMATOP LUX. Krypton. triple. R NOTE: Listed insulated glass options are. Dom w Rosenheim, Niemcy. Produkty: SGG CLIMATOP LUX.#glass #architecture #glass_for_home.


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Glass creates transparency and allows daylight to reach far into residential climatop lux commercial buildings, thus creating pleasant living and working atmospheres.


For years we have been able to observe a growing trend toward climatop lux windows and glass surfaces in this field.

The careful, fine-tuning of construction and functionality ensures a maximum benefit.

Functional and insulating glasses from GIP Glazing

The Basis of Modern Architecture Potential applications for high-performance glass products is huge. Next to the current major functions — thermal insulation, solar protection and noise insulation, — performance characteristics, such as light control and energy production climatop lux the glass surfaces in the building facades, will be increasingly important in the future.

Already today, modern energy-saving glass climatop lux the ability to transform windows — traditionally a weak spot — into heat-producing surfaces.

Peter Holzer from the Danube University Krems2.

PHIUS Certified Projects: Passive House Alliance U.S.

This already high level of performance can be further maximized by integrating additional functions. The functional unit climatop lux chosen as 1 unit of mL for climatop lux comparison. The glass coatings are made from precious metals or metal oxides.

To prevent damage during normal use or cleaning, coatings are usually applied to one of the faces on the inside of the space between the panes — normally in position 3, i. In contrast, the glass thickness climatop lux a negligible effect in most cases.

Consequently, the Ug values calculated in accordance with DIN EN for climatop lux glass thicknesses depend on the emission grade of the coating and gas fill. The lower the value, the less heat is lost.

The use of pane coatings, inert gas fills and climatop lux width of the space between the panes are the key factors that influence the thermal transmittance coefficient. This process provides the highest level of performance and a nearly invisible coating.

Private house 8

In the summer, long-wave heat energy radiating from objects is reflected back outside, climatop lux cooling costs. In winter, internal long-wave heat energy is reflected back inside, climatop lux heating cost.

Additionally, the Low-e coating reduces summertime air-conditioning loads by reflecting radiated heat outside your home. Low-e glass is available in two basic types: Hard Coat or Soft Coat.