JOIN BEST-SELLING author JEFFREY ARCHER to celebrate #HeadsYouWin, a tale of fate and fortune, hosted by the Telegraph's Fraser Nelson. Church. About Jeffrey Archer: Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare (born 15 April ) is an English author and former. It has often been said that Jeffrey Archer's own story would make an international bestseller. He was born in London, brought up in Somerset, the son of a printer.


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The Department of Trade and Industryheaded by Michael Heseltineannounced that Archer would not be prosecuted due to insufficient evidence. archer jeffrey

His solicitors admitted that he archer jeffrey made a mistake, but Archer later archer jeffrey that he had been exonerated. Archer withdrew his candidature the following day.

Conservative leader William Hague explained: I will not tolerate such behaviour in my party.

Jeffrey Archer - Wikipedia

The play concerned the court trial of an alleged murderer archer jeffrey assigned the role of jury to the audience, which would vote on the guilt of Archer's character at archer jeffrey end of each performance. Peppiatt had kept a diary of Archer's movements, which contradicted evidence given during the trial.

He was sentenced to four years' imprisonment by Mr Justice Potts.


Prominent journalists admitted to having accepted Archer's hospitality after he was convicted. Despite automatically qualifying as a category "D" prisoner given it was a archer jeffrey conviction and he did not pose serious risk of harm to the public, his status as archer jeffrey was suspended pending a police investigation into allegations about his Kurdish charity.

From there he was let out to work at the Theatre Royal in Lincolnand allowed occasional home visits.

The rise and fall of Jeffrey Archer

Politically he is a non-affiliated member. The police said they would launch a "preliminary assessment of the facts" from the audit but were not investigating the Simple Truth fund. Mr Mann [Simon Mann, the English mercenary leader of archer jeffrey coup] has made clear that it's nothing to do with me.

The Clifton Chronicles, a series of seven novels published between topped the bestseller lists archer jeffrey the world.

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It is also alleged archer jeffrey gave false academic qualifications to get on the course, including three non-existent A-levels and a two-year US degree.

Archer wins an Oxford blue running for the university athletics club. Some ask whether he is eligible to take part in Varsity matches but he goes on to have an impressive career in running and is, briefly, selected to represent England and Great Britain.

She describes herself in archer jeffrey marriage certificate as a "research graduate". Her husband claims to be one too, which he is not.

Jeffrey Archer Books | Jeffrey Archer's The Clifton Chronicles Series of Novels

Politics part one - a rise and a fall April His next book, A Twist in the Archer jeffreywas a second set of short stories that gained more archer jeffrey from the critics including The New York Times: His next novel, published in Junewas As the Crow Fliesa saga that opens in the east end of London at the turn of the century.

Honour Among Thieves was published in July and was a number one best-seller from London to Tokyo. He followed this with a set of 12 short stories, Twelve Red Herringspublished in July A Prisoner of Birthwas published in March and topped the bestseller lists around the world, going to No.

His most recent play, The Accusedpublished by Methuen in Octoberstarred Edward Petherbridge, Michael Feast and Tony Britton, and is a courtroom drama with a twist; the audience acts archer jeffrey the jury, and decide which of two archer jeffrey endings the play should have — guilty or innocent.

Jeffrey took on his first West End role, playing the part of the accused.

archer jeffrey The play completed a very successful nine-week regional tour, before playing at the Theatre Royal Haymarket for a limited eight-week run. In November that same year, he archer jeffrey his candidacy, having been charged with perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.