Simple Tips to Clean up Your House

Admittedly, house-cleaning is not something everyone loves doing on regular basis. It is, however, part of household chores that must be done frequently to ensure the level of comfort and health of those occupying the house. So, how to clean a house in a way that is not too boring and full of hassles? Depending on how dirty your house is, it should not take a full day to complete this chore. Things that should be done daily (like cleaning up the kitchen and utensils in the sink) are easy to do. But some others (like wiping dust of windows or scrubbing the floor) require planning and one special day to complete.

Hydrogen peroxide might be required to clean the bathroom of molds and fungi. Just spray the liquid on affected areas and leave it for about 3 minutes before scrubbing the surfaces off the dirt and stuff. Make sure that your bathroom has better air ventilation to prevent moisture from building up.

A mixture of orange oil would do the trick to kick grease off the surface completely. A combo of warm water and lemon juice would be potent in cleaning up areas such as garage floors, porch, or driveways.