How much useful information is inside 3 Second Attraction? Make sure you're getting your money's worth by learning more before committing. 3 Second Attraction Review and Insider Look. Includes product deals and coupons, editor reviews, and unbiased user feedbacks. Mehow reveals the proven science behind creating attraction in only 3 seconds.


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A Complete Review of Mehow’s 3 Second Sexual Attraction 2.0

Mehow emphasizes that you should never 3 second attraction longer than 10 seconds - or even 3 seconds in the system. However, this is pretty extreme and is not necessary. Later you can use it more as a guideline so that it doesn't stifle your conversation by following it mindlessly.

Mehow describes using different conversation 'elements' in your soundbites and how you need to use a 3 second attraction of elements to get women sexually attracted to you.

So these are things like attraction, sexual innuendo, touch, qualification and others. You are taught different techniques and ideas you can use to achieve the purpose of each element.

The unique value of learning these 'conversation elements' is the high level of detail with which they are explained and the 3 second attraction examples given. Most of the focus of these elements is on attracting women.

If you are detail orientated and technically inclined perhaps of an IT or engineering background for example this could make learning to converse effectively more practical for you.

This is really a learning personality thing. One of the limitations of using longer routines, like long stories, if you're in a loud environment like a nightclub is that it is quite difficult to hold someone's attention.


By using high impact soundbites you've got a better chance of keeping someone engaged 3 second attraction because you create the space for them to respond and be actively involved, they're less likely to get bored. As such, this system is best suited to night venues, and on girls that 3 second attraction to have shorter attention spans, typically party girls and younger girls.

3 Second Attraction Review

One of the quotes from near the end of the book is, "Regardless of what they say, women actually want edgy, dominant asshole types". This is a reasonable summary of the approach Mehow takes to attracting women.

The book really focuses heavily on teasing girls and doing everything you can to avoid 3 second attraction nice guy image.

So if that's a problem you have, this will help show you how to break past that stereotype. Some of the teases are very harsh, and could involve calling her fat or 3 second attraction things women are very sensitive about.

A Mehow's 3 Second Attraction System Review

Even if 3 second attraction knows you're joking, women can still take this very personally and in general I would suggest staying clear of teasing girls about anything to do with their weight, unless you really know what you're doing.

Heavy teasing can get you negative reactions and become counterproductive if overused or if used with the wrong women. 3 second attraction does admit to this in the book and talks about how to recover from it.

An important point to understand here. Be aware that a lot of the girls that Mehow interacts with are in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, tend to be on the younger side 20 to 30and be party girl types that spend much of their time in clubs and get hit on endlessly.

The heavy teasing and a bit more confrontational approach tends to work well when you talk with these girls early on, as you need to do something to provoke some kind of a reaction in them.

Otherwise they can be very dismissive and blow you out straight away.

Official 3 Second Attraction Review -

For less attractive girls this would also be the case. So use it at your own discretion. When used correctly and on the girls that are most receptive to it, this style of game can be one of the fastest ways to create 3 second attraction amounts of sexual tension.


Emphasizing Lifestyle Development One of the areas that Mehow talks about a lot is developing a lifestyle that will help 3 second attraction attract more women. This is generally more of an advanced topic as it takes some time to implement, but in the long run it's something you definitely 3 second attraction to focus on and it will make a huge difference for you.

3 Second Attraction - Always Get the Girl

So there are a variety of good mindsets and tips given towards this goal, and the advice stretches quite far beyond the dating lifestyle. Mehow goes on to discuss the importance of areas such as wealth and health and how 3 second attraction affect your lifestyle.

As an example, of how this stretches into your life in general, Mehow talks about the importance of doing something in your life that you're passionate about, and creating ways to fund 3 second attraction lifestyle you want to live.


This is good advice and something that is necessary if you want to make the most of your dating life.